What relationships between man and the Coral Sea Park?

19 October 2016

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Ilot le leizour, réserve intégrale aux atolls d'Entrecasteaux, parc naturel de la mer de corail.jpg

A study on the cultural dimension of the Coral Sea Natural Park was carried out at the request of the customary members of its management committee. The first results were presented on October 11 in Koné, then on the 17th in Noumea.

Aurélie Fourdrain, Marine Affairs Officer in charge of drafting the management plan, and Marlène Dégremont, in front of an attentive assembly - composed of representatives of environmental associations, customary, seafaring professionals and persons sensitive to the subject , Doctoral student in anthropology, initially made a presentation of the park. A place where green turtles lay, nest birds and feed on remarkable species such as sharks and whales. The stakes of the park and its orientations were also recalled in order to highlight the reflections of the working group.

A koné Marlène Degremont, doctorante en anthropologie présentait les résultats préliminaires de son étude sur la dimension culturelle du parc naturel de la mer de Corail.jpg

A space of influence


The notion of preservation and valorization of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage could be better understood thanks to the intervention of Marlène Dégremont. The first results of his study on the links between man and the environment assess the place of the ocean in the Kanak organization and society, especially in the Hoot Ma Waap and Paici Cemuhi (North Province) customary areas. Thus, for the doctoral student, "we can speak in New Caledonia of a civilization attached to the sea or a population connected to the sea". Marlène Dégremont also stressed that in "protecting knowledge, nature is preserved". Moreover, his work shows that there are "historical-cultural links between different islands: Belep and reefs of Entrecasteaux, Walpole, Maré and Île des Pins, Hunter and Vanuatu ..., thus revealing the presence of a A real space of influence and stakes ". Little known links of the population.
Sensitizing Caledonians to this natural and cultural heritage is precisely one of the wishes expressed in the draft management plan for the Park, as well as the acquisition of new knowledge, the search for a better balance between conservation and development of activities Human rights, or the establishment of good governance principles.

Latest News

Surveying a reef in the Coral sea Marine Park ©Daniela Ceccarelli
15 May 2019

In April 2018, Parks Australia and James Cook University scientists began a three year program to monitor the health of some of Australia’s remotest and most pristine coral reefs in the Coral Sea Marine Park.

Entrecasteaux îlot Huon ©DAM-NC SPE
15 March 2019
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A new five-year action plan for the Entrecasteaux Atolls, linked to the 2018-2022 natural park of the Coral sea management plan, replaces the existing management plan which concluded at the end of 2018.

Récif corallien, ©Francesca Benzoni IRD-Projet POST BLANCO
18 September 2018
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The natural park of the Coral Sea now has 28,000 square kilometres (10,810 square miles) of reserves. Three decrees adopted Tuesday, august 14 by the government of New Caledonia define very precisely the outlines.