Objectives of the Natural Park of the Coral Sea

The Natural Park of the Coral Sea was created to protect the ecological integrity of the marine environment by meeting 8 objectives regarding the natural and cultural heritage, water uses, governance and regional integration :  

  • Protecting the Park’s ecological Wealth

Protect the exceptional biodiversity of the marine areas bordering New Caledonia.

Tortue, Entrecasteau, x
Turtles, Entrecasteaux Atolls, Damien Buisson, DTSI


  • Maintaining Economic Activity

Sustainably manage fishing resources (deep-sea fishing: tuna, marlin, swordfish, mahi mahi, salmon of the gods, wahoo) and enhance the region’s touristic appeal; develop better knowledge of deep-sea resources (hydrocarbons, phosphates, crustings, rare lands, manganese, nickel, copper and cobalt-enriched polymetallic nodules).

Tuna unloading, DAM SPE​​​​


  • Developing Deeper Knowledge of Maritime Spaces

Define a plan for scientific research.

Seabird, DAM SPE


  • Making Sure that the Managing Committee Operates Efficiently

Working coherently with the other local actors; unite and involve the general public in the cooperative building of their marine environment.

Sunset on the park, DAM SPE


  • Ensuring the Natural Park’s Regional Integration

Becoming a role model for sustainable development in the Pacific region; participate in New Caledonia’s outreach by developing regional cooperation to benefit the Coral Sea’s region.

Ile Loop, Chesgterfields, DAM, SPE
Loop island,  Chesterfield plateau, DAM SPE admin