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Pristine reef,  parc naturel de la mer de corail,  scientific mission, Jean-Michel Boré IRD
25 April 2017

From February 24 to March 15, Francesca Benzoni, a marine biologist at the IRD, led a mission of scientists, around Grande-Terre but also in the natural park on the north-western reef of Entrecasteaux, a World Heritage Site Of Unesco.

Arau boat
31 January 2017

2 485 tonnes of fish were caught in 2016 by New Caledonian deep-sea fishers in the natural park. What kind of fish is it? Analysis.

Ilot le leizour, réserve intégrale aux atolls d'Entrecasteaux, parc naturel de la mer de corail.jpg
19 October 2016
environnement culture

A study on the cultural dimension of the Coral Sea Natural Park was carried out at the request of the customary members of its management committee. The first results were presented on October 11 in Koné, then on the 17th in Noumea.

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Pêche à bord du navire La Renaissance, DAM/SPE
Navire Vaillant Vessel, longline fishing is carried out at several, DAM/SPE
 Fishing vessel Baby Blue, DAM SPE
Navire Atalante de l'IFREMER, DAM SPE
 Pristine Mission,  Jean-Michel Boré, IRD
Tracking mission with l'Amborella,  David Ugolini, SCO
 Measurement of a catch on the vessel Katia, DAM SPE

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