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16 January 2018
environnement Science

The activities conducted in 2016 are to discover in a report of twenty pages, richly illustrated. You can to see at a glance, and for each party, the related objectives of the Management Plan.

Entrecasteaux, green turtle at Huon islet, DMA FES.jpg
16 January 2018
environnement Science

As every year, and since 2007, a team from the Department of Fisheries and Marine Environment (SPE) of the Direction of Maritime Affairs go to the Entrecasteaux atolls, located in the far north of Caledonia to perform a turtles tracking.

14 November 2017
environnement Science

In Australian waters, Parks Australia is developing a management plan that sets out the zones and rules for activities in the Coral Sea Marine Park.

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Requin pointe noire_,Nicolas Petit
Navire Atalante de l'IFREMER, DAM SPE
ile matthew julien baudat francesci sco
Gygis Alba_, Pierre Bachy, SCO
Épave du Tacite, Luc Faucompre
Bénitier jean-michel bore ird
Baleine à bosse, DAM SPE
Atolls d'Entrecasteaux ile huon tortue verte, Jean Francois Butaud conservation international

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