Strict regulations exist since 14 août 2018 to enter all nature reserves. 



You are a boater and you are planning to enter a protected marine area

Before e-mailing .



En visite dans le parc à bord d'un catamaran, DAM,SPE

Visiting the park aboard a catamaran, DAM SPE


You are a professional who intends to develop fishing activities in the Natural Park of the Coral Sea.

Because such activity is regulated and monitored, you must obtain a fishing license, only delivered to local longliners, by the Government of New Caledonia.


To obtain or renew your fishing license,follow the administrative procedure detailed on the Department of Maritime Affair's website.

L’équipage d’un navire compte en moyenne 6 marins, DAM/SPE

The typical crew is usuallycomoosed of 6 seafarer, DAM SPE

Navire Vaillant Vessel, longline fishing is carried out at several, DAM/SPE

Navire Vaillant Vessel, longline fishing is carried out at several, DAM SPE


All scientific activities conducted within the Natural Park of the Coral Sea are subject to authorization from the Government of New Caledonia. The authorization request file must present the mission, outline its objectives and its benefits for the Natural Park, its dates as well as its itinerary or the location studied. If   applicable, the file must also include an impact study of the activities to be undertaken.

The authorization should be e-mailed to at least 5 months before the mission is due to start..

Navire Atalante de l'IFREMER, DAM SPE

Atalante ship of IFREMER, DAM SPE