Objectives of the Natural Park of the Coral Sea

The Natural Park of the Coral Sea was created to protect the ecological integrity of the marine environment by meeting 8 objectives regarding the natural and cultural heritage, water uses, governance and regional integration :  

  • Protecting the Park’s ecological Wealth

Protect the exceptional biodiversity of the marine areas bordering New Caledonia.

Tortue, Entrecasteau, x
Turtles, Entrecasteaux Atolls, Damien Buisson, DTSI


  • Maintaining Economic Activity

Sustainably manage fishing resources (deep-sea fishing: tuna, marlin, swordfish, mahi mahi, salmon of the gods, wahoo) and enhance the region’s touristic appeal; develop better knowledge of deep-sea resources (hydrocarbons, phosphates, crustings, rare lands, manganese, nickel, copper and cobalt-enriched polymetallic nodules).

Tuna unloading, DAM SPE​​​​


  • Developing Deeper Knowledge of Maritime Spaces

Define a plan for scientific research.

Seabird, DAM SPE


  • Making Sure that the Managing Committee Operates Efficiently

Working coherently with the other local actors; unite and involve the general public in the cooperative building of their marine environment.

Sunset on the park, DAM SPE


  • Ensuring the Natural Park’s Regional Integration

Becoming a role model for sustainable development in the Pacific region; participate in New Caledonia’s outreach by developing regional cooperation to benefit the Coral Sea’s region.

Ile Loop, Chesgterfields, DAM, SPE
Loop island,  Chesterfield plateau, DAM SPE admin


Latest News

Surveying a reef in the Coral sea Marine Park ©Daniela Ceccarelli
15 May 2019

In April 2018, Parks Australia and James Cook University scientists began a three year program to monitor the health of some of Australia’s remotest and most pristine coral reefs in the Coral Sea Marine Park.

Entrecasteaux îlot Huon ©DAM-NC SPE
15 March 2019
Science environnement




A new five-year action plan for the Entrecasteaux Atolls, linked to the 2018-2022 natural park of the Coral sea management plan, replaces the existing management plan which concluded at the end of 2018.

Récif corallien, ©Francesca Benzoni IRD-Projet POST BLANCO
18 September 2018
Évènement environnement

The natural park of the Coral Sea now has 28,000 square kilometres (10,810 square miles) of reserves. Three decrees adopted Tuesday, august 14 by the government of New Caledonia define very precisely the outlines.