Entrecasteaux : The first action plan resulting from the park management plan

15 mars 2019

Science environnement

Entrecasteaux îlot Huon ©DAM-NC SPE




A new five-year action plan for the Entrecasteaux Atolls, linked to the 2018-2022 natural park of the Coral sea management plan, replaces the existing management plan which concluded at the end of 2018.

Participatory work

The action plan dedicated to the Entrecasteaux Atolls strengthens the protection in force since the inscription of the UNESCO World Heritage site in 2008. It is the result of participatory work conducted in the first half of 2018, notably through two one-day workshops organized by the Maritime Affairs Department. These workshops brought together scientists, experts, members of associations, as well as all members of the park management committee, to write and validate the Entrecasteaux 2018-2022 action plan. Its adoption was then the subject of a Government order.

Maintaining the exceptional character of the UNESCO property

Under this action plan, monitoring of green turtles, seabirds and coral reefs that has occcurred over the past 10 years will continue, to improve our knowledge about the Atolls. Invasive species will be controlled and, if necessary, eradicated. The drafting of a guide of good practices and the participation in the Festival of the Sea in Poum, a town located at the extreme north of New Caledonia, provides an opportunity to involve and educate local people.

In line with the operation "The Caledonians have the floor", which focused on the management plan of the natural park of the Coral sea in February 2017, public consultation was organised, from 28 June to 12 July 2018, on this draft decree, but also on the two others drafts decrees establishing reserves and framing professional tourism in the Park.